Monday, December 4, 2006

laundry list

Things I did today:

- receieved word from the Brooklyn chapter of the DAR that they'd received my application and a request to fill out a worksheet describing my lineage. I paid $10 to get a copy of my grandmother's DAR application sent from the national archives in Washington D.C., so I know they have this information, but at least it didn't take very long to copy it out into the new worksheet and fax it in. I even got confirmation that the fax had been received. The New York DAR people are way more helpful than the Boston DAR people were. Boston never fails to disappoint.

- Mailed the antique lamps that I bought at an antique show in San Francisco for $5 (if that), and which my father mailed to me in Boston last year, and which I moved with me to New York, back to Boston so that my management company can hire an electrician to install them in the kitchen of my Boston apartment. My tenants have complained several times that the current kitchen fixture is plastic, and has a crack in it. Luckily, I wanted to change the lights anyhow.

- Ordered new contact lenses, obtained glasses prescription so that I can order new glasses in the city tomorrow.

- Called The Economist to make sure they have my new address.

- Finished a book of job search advice, which I think was pretty useful.

- assorted everyday tasks like dishwashing and emailing and food preparation. I've also been working on my book of book reviews and scrapbooking and planning another hand-binding project.

It amazes me that I can be so busy, even though I'm unemployed. Nevertheless, I would still rather be employed.

This is Claire, Melinda's sister, at Japonais yesterday. Hopefully she's moving to New York soon. I had a big pile of asparagus for dinner, and then an apple crumble cooked in a clay pot. It sizzled.

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