Sunday, January 7, 2007


- My grandmother died this week. This doesn't seem like the kind of thing to discuss in a blog, so I'm not going to. It wasn't a surprise, but it's been a tough year with her going in and out of the hospital, and it's hard to lose her. I'm going home for the funeral on Monday.

- I saw Night at the Museum and found it thoroughly delightful - a childhood fantasy brought to life. Also Children of Men which I found pretty amazing. Worth a try, at least, although I heard plenty of people slamming it on the way out of the theater.

- I'm going to an SAR gala ball (that's Sons of the American Revolution) in February, and I was just informed that I need a pair of white gloves for the receiving line. I find this sort of delightfully absurd. Also, I don't think I've ever been to an event to which the word "gala" was attached, but maybe what I mean is that none of the ones I've been to have lived up to the word? It's like the thing about not wanting to be a part of any club that would have you as a member. I don't really know what gala is, but I'm pretty sure I'm not invited to it.

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