Friday, June 4, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice.

I was chatting about the new Sex & the City movie, and how I don't plan on seeing it.  I was a fan of the TV show, not a huge fan but I made a point of watching new episodes when they came out.  I liked the love letter to New York, I liked the idea that people could be friends even when they were so different, I liked the clothes, I liked that all the girls met each new romantic adventure with hope, though the shows contained no shortage of disappointment and frustration and heartbreak.

The new movie has been so widely and thoroughly panned that I don't need to describe, here, why I don't plan on seeing it.  But during this little chat I did think of something that would have made a 2nd Sex and the City movie watchable, justifiable, and interesting.  What if it had been a movie where those 4 well-heeled, materialistic girls...were poor?  What if some of them suffered a lot during the economic downturn, but others didn't...would the friendship endure, and how?  What if Big didn't work for a year and a half - would Carrie still find him so utterly hot?

It would have been nice to see a movie about a friendship that lasts through disasters and disparities of that magnitude.  And I bet it could have been fun and inspiring as well.

It was suggested to me that there were probably a lot of other potential plots that could have resulted in a better movie than the one we got.  No doubt.  Any other ideas?

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