Sunday, November 6, 2011


Just pictures this time.  I spent three days in Orchha - a little one-road town between Gwalior and Khajuraho, sleepy and charming and full of tourists.  Plugged my earbuds in and wandered around, which was a lot of fun, and spent a whole day sitting by the river reading.  I wondered at the time if that was the best way to spend a whole day here, but, in retrospect, it absolutely was.  The only downside were the two guys who sat on a rail across from me for several hours, trying to peek up my skirt, but they did give up and go away eventually.

 I have since learned, at my vist to the Darjeeling zoo, that this is an Alexandrine parakeet.  I also saw (and took pictures of) the much rarer white vulture which inhabits the fort.

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Melinda said...

awesome photos! i especially love the one with the parakeets (am i nuts, or aren't there two in that photo)?